Difference between Omnidesk PRO Classic and Omnidesk Zero

Our Omnidesk Zero Electric is our entry-level height adjustable desk at an unbelievable price point for its build and functions.

To cater to a wider group of consumers, we also offer a fixed height Omnidesk Zero, for those who want to enjoy the same quality of build of our Omnidesk but may not be in need of our height-adjustable technology. The desk is fixed at a height of 73.6cm, a comfortable height suitable for work and gaming purposes.

Our Omnidesk PRO Classic is our industry-leading flagship height adjustable desk launched in 2018. Its design and functions are one of a kind, after a grueling 18 months of research and development.


The differences between our Omnidesk PRO and Omnidesk Zero Electric are as followed:

  1. Omnidesk Zero Electric uses a two-tier leg and have a height-adjustable range of 70cm – 118cm while Omnidesk PRO uses a three-tier leg with a height-adjustable range of 60cm – 125cm.
  2. Omnidesk Zero Electric desk is slower and more audible during the adjustment of height as compared to the Omnidesk Pro.
  3. Omnidesk Zero Electric desk does not come with the Child-lock function & Anti-collision features that Omnidesk PRO has.
  4. Omnidesk Zero Electric's cable is in springform while the cable for Omnidesk Pro is straight.
  5. Omnidesk Zero Electric does not come with the middle cable tray for its desk frame while the Omnidesk PRO does.
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