Accessories Add-On: Speaker Mount

The speakers mount are custom made by Omnidesk which supports only the following speakers:

1) Creative SoundBlaster Katana
2) Creative SoundBlaster Kratos S5 


Do the speakers come with a different warranty?
Yes, the warranty from CREATIVE still applies.

Where will the sub woofer be mounted at?
The sub woofer will be mounted at the underside of the table with the help of a L bracket. 

I have my own speaker, can I mount it myself?
Our sub woofer mount is specially made to cater to Creative Katana / Creative Kratos S5. Our mounts will be unable to hold any other kind of speakers. 

I have my own Creative SoundBlaster Katana aand Creative SoundBlaster Kratos S5, can I mount it myself?
Yes, it will be possible to purchase the sub-woofer mount alone.

However, You will have to accept the terms below:
1)Please kindly note that we will be drilling 4 holes to the sub woofer which will void the warranty.
2)You will have to sign an Indemnity Form for any damage done prior/after mounting your sub woofer.
3)You will have to send in your Katana Sub woofer one day before the delivery. 

Kindly drop us an email at if you are okay with the term above.

How to install the speaker mount myself?

1) Place the back of the mount in between the frame and cable management bar(make sure there is a gap in between the Frame and Cable management bar as you need to lock it later)(Figure 1)
2) Screw all the four hole from the mount to the table with the screw given from the zip-top bag.
3) Turn over the table
4) Make sure that the Subwoofer Driver is facing toward you(Figure 2)
5) Put the Subwoofer to the mount make sure that all 4 side of the plate is in the hole and secure.
(Figure 3)
6) Turn all 4 of the white locker outward of the mount to tighten it. (Figure 4)

Figure 1

Figure 2
Figure 3
Figure 4

Kindly drop us an email at if you have any issue with the steps above.

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