Omnidesk Tabletop Material


Powder Coated Wood Tops


Our signature table tops are made from the highest grade MDF wood and cured with our specially formulated powder-coated surface. What separates us from the rest of the pack in terms of furnishing is this micro-textured powder coat surface made for mouse tracking, enabling the desk to function as a giant mouse-pad.

We have also engineered the perfect ergonomic curve for our Ergo curve tabletop to provide the best ergonomic desk experience. With a perfectly angled curve, standing and leaning with forearms on the edge of the desk no longer causes pinched nerves in the long run.  

Best of all, the entire production process is stringently monitored and tested to ensure that the product is eco-friendly.


Our tabletop does not contain any formaldehyde resins, so as our powder coating process too. Hence, we ensure that the product we delivered does not emit harmful gases into your household or offices. 


Using the newest coating technology, low cure powder coating has zero-volatile organic compound (VOC). No more short- and long-term adverse health effects. 


The eco-friendly materials ensure that our tables are non-toxic. Making sure that users, young or old are exposed to nothing but natural ingredients.


Clean and green manufacturing produces an odour-free product. No more "new" furniture smells that cause health issues in the long term.




Aesthetically impressive and environmentally friendly. Match parquet and vinyl flooring in homes and offices. Bamboo is an organic product, entirely clean, and with no residues of chemicals. A green choice & Sustainable decision. Bamboo is more scratch-resistant than hardwoods, keeping its color and brightness for many years.

No harsh agents and chemicals are used in finishing our Eco Bamboo tops, protecting not only your desk but your indoor air quality.

Choose our Omnidesk™ Eco Bamboo tabletops and make a sustainable decision that means caring more for yourself and the environment as well.


Powder Coated Wood Tops

Aesthetically impressive with unrivaled durability making it an impressive addition to the WildWood Collection. Easily blend into homes and offices setup with a touch of nature. Hevea with its affordability offers a great option for solid wood ownership without compromising on quality.

Eco-friendly. Hevea brasiliensis is only harvested and used after it completes its latex producing cycle. By remaking them into tabletops, we are reducing, reusing, and recycling waste products. Everyone has a part to play in making this world green!

Amazingly Durable. Hevea belongs to the maple family, a true hardwood. In fact, it is one of the most durable wood used to manufacture furniture. It is strong, flexible, and resistant to fungus, bacteria, and mold. Owning a solid wood top means having a unique tabletop like no others.
Natural Hevea - Available in 48" and 60" Straightedge only
Richbrown Hevea - Available in 48" / 60" / 72" Straightedge only
**Colours may vary individually, Images for illustration purposes only



Quality High-Pressure Laminate Wood Tops

The distinctive hardwood that is derived from the Acacia tree is suited for building long-lasting furniture. Stand out amongst the crowd with a statement piece.

Durability. Acacia wood is an ideal furniture material due to its water-resistant feature and is typically used as an outdoor furniture material. With it being naturally antibacterial in nature, it is very less prone to fungus infestation proven to last up decades.

Eco-friendly. Instead of discarding the tree trunk, the lighter trunks are combined with other darker parts of the tree which results in a mix that gives this series a unique expression. What better than to go eco and develop a unique character as a by-product?

Acacia - Available in limited quantities in 60"  and 72" Straightedge only
**Colours will vary individually, Images for illustration purposes only


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