Choosing Your Omnidesk

Our Omnidesk™ is designed to cater to various personas.

Used by entrepreneurs in their home offices. Employees in their professional office. Professional Gamers for their gaming station. Creatives for their work and comfort needs. 

Common Asked Questions:

What are the table dimensions for the Omnidesk?

Our table dimensions are fixed as follows (Length x Width x Thickness)
48 Inches Tabletop (122CM x 76CM x 1.8CM)
60 Inches Tabletop (152CM x 76CM x 1.8CM)
72 Inches Tabletop (183CM x 76CM x 1.8CM)

L-Shape Tabletop (202.5CM x 120CM x 1.8CM)

For our curved tabletops, the dimensions are the same but the depth of curve into the table is tapered from a 5 to 9 cm inwards from the middle.

What are the different types of tabletop available?

MDF Powder Coat Series (Black/ White)
122cm x 76cm x 1.8cm   48 Inches (Curved and Straight)
152cm x 76cm x 1.8cm 60 Inches (Curved and Straight)
183cm x 76cm x 1.8cm  72 Inches (Curved and Straight)
202.5cm x 120cm x 1.8cm (L-Shape)

Eco Bamboo Series (Light)
122cm x 76cm x 1.8cm    48 Inches (Curved only)
152cm x 76cm x 1.8cm  60 Inches (Curved only)
183cm x 76cm x 1.8cm   72 Inches (Straight only)


Wildwood Series (Straight edge only)
122cm x 76cm x 2cm    48 Inches (Hevea Natural, Richbrown & Walnut)
152cm x 76cm x 2cm  60 Inches (Hevea Natural, Richbrown, Acacia & Walnut )
183cm x 76cm x 2cm   72 Inches (Hevea Richbrown, Acacia & Walnut)

Wildwood+ Series (Straight edge only)
122cm x 76cm x 2.5cm    48 Inches (Acacia+ & Pheasantwood )
152cm x 76cm x 2.5cm  60 Inches (Acacia+ & Pheasantwood )
183cm x 76cm x 2.5cm   72 Inches (Acacia+ & Pheasantwood )

You can refer to the link here for more information.


What is the difference between Omnidesk Signature Straight Edge and Omnidesk Ergo Curve?

The Omnidesk Ergo Curve features an ergonomic curved type desktop for extra comfort and a sleek aesthetic. It is recommended for users who are spending long hours on our Omnidesk for computer work or gaming.

What is the height-adjustable range?

60 - 125cm* for Omnidesk Classic Pro / Pro 2020

70 – 118cm* for Omnidesk Zero Electric.

*Numbers may vary due to the desk feet that we use and also allowance for the tabletop thickness.


How is Omnidesk powered? 

The table is powered by electricity, so it needs to be plugged into a socket for it to work. 

Yes, you will be able to use the table if you have off the switch for it.  The table will stay the same height when you off the switch for it.

Are the legs the same for all the Omnidesk in the same model range?
Yes, across all the different sizes of desktops, we are using the same desk frame. You can just change and upgrade the tabletop in the future according to your needs!


What would be the size of the desk feet itself?
You can refer below for the dimension of the feet, dimensions are fixed as follows (Length x Width)

Omnidesk Ascent - 71cm x 8cm

Omnidesk Pro Classic/2020 - 69CM x 8CM

Omnidesk Zero Electric - 70 CM x 7CM

Omnidesk Kenshi - 70CM x 8CM

Can I install wheels on Omnidesk?
Castors can be installed on our current range of desk frames by our delivery partner during delivery, please note that on-site assembly has to be included in your order of the Castors to be eligible. Orders under flatpack delivery will require self installation.

How heavy is Omnidesk frame?
The weight of our Omnidesk component are as follows:

Omnidesk tabletop 72” - 183x76cm , 22.3 KG
Omnidesk tabletop 60” - 152x76cm , 18.9 KG
Omnidesk tabletop 48” -  120x76cm , 15.1 KG

Table legs with Frame and Motor - 35.5 kg (Omnidesk Pro 2020 & Pro Classic)
Table legs with Frame and Motor - 27.4 kg (Zero Electric)
Table legs with Static Frame - 20 kg (Kenshi)


Can I hold my Omnidesk order after checkout?

Yes, we can help you to hold your order upon checkout. We can hold your order up to 90 days from date of purchase. You can put your preferred delivery time frame in the notes section on the shopping cart page.

Do note that if you wish to hold your order for more than 90 days, there may be a warehousing charge of $10 or more, per day. However, this will be evaluated case by case basis.

Can I just purchase the height-adjustable desk frame OR tabletop only?

To enjoy the full Omnidesk Experience that we have designed and curated, we are unable to just offer you our height adjustable desk frame or our signature tabletops.


Can I request a customizable desktop size and design for my Omnidesk?

Our outstanding quality products are all manufactured overseas at the moment by our trusted partners. Therefore, we are unable to offer our customers customizable options for our products right now.



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