Flat-pack Delivery

Flat-pack delivery means we send you the desk in sealed packages to your homes for you to assemble yourself DIY style! This method of shipping reduces your lead time by up to 75% and also shipping costs. This allows us to keep prices low and pass on the savings over to our customers.

Flatpack Delivery

Things to expect after purchasing from our website;

  1. Logistics team will be contacting you via phone to schedule a suitable delivery date. 
    (Mon-Sat, 2pm - 8pm. excluding Public Holidays).
  2. If they are unable to contact you via the phone number that was provided, they will drop an email to you to schedule a date.
  3. No-lift access charge $10 per table per floor.
  4. A re-delivery cost of SGD$50 will be charged to customers if the first delivery fails. 
  5. The team will conduct an on-site assembly upon delivery if you have purchased the on-site assembly. 
  6. If you have not purchased the on-site assembly, they will only be delivering the desk as flat-pack* to you.
    Otherwise you can drop us an e-mail at least 2 working days to add the on-site assembly service before the scheduled delivery 
  7. Should you require on-site assembly after delivery, the charges will be as follow; $30 Transport and $80 On-site installation per desk.
    Installation will not be on the SAME day if requested after delivery has been done.

Do kindly note that accessories (Speakers mount, PC Mount, Mounted Power bar and Keep - Desk Drawer) do not come with pre-drilled holes. Should you not own or have a drill, on-site assembly is highly recommended.

Accessories included in the assembly.

  1. Power Management - Mounted Powerbar and Power Clamp
  2. Cable Management Solution - Advance Cable Management Bar
  3. Monitor Mounting Solutions - Arc Stealth Single, Dual and Laptop Mount
  4. Desk Mounting Solutions - PC Mount, Keep and Castors 
  5. Lightning Solutions - Cololight Strip

The headphone hanger, mouse mats, installation of monitor(s) to the monitor arm and installation of the speaker system itself and any other non-inclusive items are not included in the assembly process.

Items NOT included in the assembly.

  1. Desk Converter - Switch Pro
  2. Desk Riser - Lift, Lift Classic and Arka
  3. PC Holders - CPU Roller Stand
  4. Organisers - Hestia, Hestia Mini and Sheva
  5. Seating Solutions - Flokk and Core
  6. Lightning Solutions - Cololight PRO and Nanoleaf

*Note: Assembly does not include disposal of old furniture.
Omnidesk does not offer disposal services.

Disposal Services (By logistics partner)

Customers will have to come to an agreement and deal with our logistics partner for disposal of old furniture. Customers are to inform logistics partner about the disposal when scheduling for delivery. 

Omnidesk will not be liable for damages / injuries arising from the disposal. 

Mutiple locations

If multiple locale is requested, an additional charge would be levied per every extra locale specified by the customer.

What does Flat-pack mean?
a piece of furniture or other equipment that is sold in pieces packed flat in a box for easy transport and is assembled by the buyer.

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