Empower - Mounted Powerbar (Extension Cord)

The Omnidesk Empower is a 6 socket surge protected power bar capable of powering everything including your workspace.

Common Asked Questions:

What will the colour of the power bar be?
It will be in Onyx & Ivory colour. 

Will the power bar have a connected cable as the table?
No. They are separated, so you will need 2 power sockets to power the table as well as the power bar. However, you can have 1 power socket to power the Empower mounted power bar which can be used to power the table as well. 

Would I be able to move the power bar?
We recommend putting the power bar at the extreme left or right in front of the cable management tray. It would be possible for you to re-position the power bar but there will be holes left at its original position since it is mounted by wood screws into the top.

Would I be able to install more power bars?

Yes, you would be able to install more power bars! Just send in a request to us via sales@theomnidesk.com. We will then send the payment for the additional power bar to you via email. 

How do i install my Empower - Mounted Powerbar?
You can refer to the image below for the installation of the Empower Mounted Powerbar. Alternatively, you can choose not to mount it and place it on the floor/table.



You can refer to the video below for the full setup of the desk:

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