Difference between Omnidesk PRO 2020 and Omnidesk Zero Electric

Our Omnidesk Pro 2020 is our industry-leading flagship height adjustable desk launched in 2020. Its design and functions are created after a grueling 18 months of research and development. These improvements are made with feedbacks gathered from existing users while considering both aesthetics and functionality of the desk.

Our Omnidesk Zero Electric is our entry-level height adjustable desk at an unbelievable price point for its build and functions.


The differences between our Omnidesk Pro 2020 and Omnidesk Zero Electric are as follows:

  1. Omnidesk Pro 2020 uses a three-tier leg column and have a height adjustable range of 60cm - 125cm, whereas Omnidesk Zero Electric uses a two-tier leg column and has a height adjustable range of 70cm - 118cm.

  2. Omnidesk Pro 2020 rises at a speed of 43mm/s, Omnidesk Zero Electric rises at 18mm/s.
    The adjustment of height for the Omnidesk Pro 2020 is quieter compared to the Omnidesk Zero Electric.

  3. Omnidesk Pro 2020 desk comes with functions such as Child-lock, Anti-collision, Minimum / Maximum height range. The Omnidesk Zero electric does not come with such functions.

  4. Omnidesk Pro 2020 comes with a proprietary middle cable management tray that suits all our table top size offerings (48" / 60" / 72") while the Omnidesk Zero electric does not come with this feature.

  5. Omnidesk Pro power cables are straight compared to Omnidesk Zero Electric's cable which comes in springform.

You can find out more at this link: https://theomnidesk.com/pages/2020


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