How to use the Ascent controller?

To enter the Menu, hold the icon button.
  • Use the UP / DOWN buttons to scroll through the Menu.
  • Press the icon button once more to confirm selection.

There are 8 functions that can be accessed via the Ascent controller menu.
  1. Reminders
    Set intervals to receive reminders in increments of 5 minutes, from a range between 10 - 90 mins. The controller will vibrate when the timer is up and restarts again until reminders are turned off.
    Select OFF to disable standing reminders.
    *Height adjustments made when reminders are on will restart the timer.
  2. Maximum/Minimum Height Limit (Prevents collision with objects/ structures above and below your desk by customizing your desk’s height limits).
    Maximum Possible Height - 127cm
    Adjust your desk to your ideal Maximum height. Go to the Maximum/Minimum Height setting and select Maximum Height to save your maximum height limit.
    Minimum Possible Height - 63.7cm
    Adjust your desk to your ideal Minimum height. Go to the Maximum/Minimum Height setting and select Minimum Height to save your minimum height limit.
    *Select OFF to revert your desk height limits to its default settings.
  3. Lock/Unlock
    Select Lock to temporarily disable height adjustments on your desk using the UP / DOWN and pre-set memory buttons. Lock function takes effect a couple of seconds after being enabled.
    Press and hold the menu button to temporarily enable height adjustments. 
    To remove the lock function, press and hold the menu button to enter the menu where you can select unlock function to gain full access to height adjustments.
  4. Controller Vibration Mode
    Select the vibration mode of your controller when you receive standing reminders. You may choose between 2 different modes (Light / Strong), or disable the vibration totally.
  5. Lighting Theme
    Choose the colour of your controller lighting from our selection of 6 beautiful themes.
    Combinations: Periwinkle, Sunset, Ocean
    Solid: White, Pink, Teal
    Select OFF to turn off the lights on your controller.
  6. Brightness
    Choose from 5 brightness options: 20%, 40%, 60%, 80% and 100%
  7. Controller Light Auto Dimming
    ON -The controller will auto dim. 
    OFF - Controller light will not auto dim.
  8. Bluetooth connection
    Scan the unique QR code to link your desk to the Omnidesk Life Companion app.
    *Maximum 1 device can be linked and will need to be unlinked before another device can be linked via Bluetooth.

Memory Pre-Sets

  • Adjust your desk to your preferred height.
  • Press the icon button followed by the number you would like to save this height to.
  • The next time you press this memory pre-set button, the desk will go to the
    height which you have saved.

*You may save up to 4 different memory pre-sets on the desk controller.

**We do not recommend you to use the USB Port on the side of the controller to charge any devices.


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