Omnidesk Zero Static (2018 Model)

  • Misalignment of desk frame while assembly?

    Firstly, try to loosen out the three screws that are screwed onto the frame. Try securing the screw into the hole that you are having issue with aligning it.

    When the screws are tightened too much, it may cause the misalignment for the frame.

    You will be required to ensure that the screws are properly placed into the screw treading. While using the tools to secure the screw, please kindly note that it has to be screwed straight in. The slanting of screws during installation may cause damage the treading.

    If there are still uncertainties or any issues faced,
    please feel free to contact us at and we'll try our best resolve your issues!

  • Does the static desk assembly requires any drilling?

    It will be required to manually drill one hole for securing the tabletop to the middle desk frame.
    (Do not remove rubber stopper for the middle desk frame)
    Drilling will also be required if you are getting accessories like PC Mount , Mounted Powerbar and Sub woofer mount.

    * It is recommended that any required holes need for fasteners be pre-drilled if the desktop is not predrilled. Do not use Countersunk Screws.

    * Double-check that the wood screws are not too long for your desktop to avoid puncturing the surface when they are screwed all the way in.

  • Can static desk be upgraded to an adjustable desk without changing the desk frame?

    No, you will be required to change the desk frame to the height adjustable version as our static desk frame is non modular and it is not able to support direct upgrades.
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